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Computational Science & Engineering: Education & Research

  AACE: Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education

  Final Report of the UC Davis Committee on CSE, June 1999 ("Keizer Report"): html postscript pdf

  Computational Science and/or Engineering Organizations at Universities

Reports, Programs on Scientific Computing

  DOE Report: Scientific Discovery through Scientific Computing

  PITAC report to the President

  Mathematical, Information, and Computational Sciences: DOE

  NSF Report on Cyberinfrastructure

  NSF CiSE Directorate

  Natl. Coord. Office for Computing, Information, and Communications

  NGI: Next Generation Internet Initiative

  Federal HPCC Program

  The Teragrid postscript pdf

  DOE/NAS Workshop Report: Future Information Infrastructure of the Physical Sciences

  DoD Scalable Software Initiative

  DOD's Major Computational Centers

  PNNL's CS&E Web Page

  CS&E Graduate Option Program at UIUC

  Northwest Alliance for CS&E

  NPAC: Northeast Parallel Architectures Center

  CSIT at Florida State University


Educational Information / Fellowships in CSE

  SIAM Report on Graduate CSE Education

  Natl. HPCC Software Exchange

  DOE's Computational Science Graduate Fellowships

  Krell Institute's Adventures in Supercomputing

  DOE High Performance Computing Fellowship

  NERSC's Postdoctoral Fellowship in Computational Science

  Parallel Computing and HPCC Education

  Computational Science Education Programs: a List


Computational Information

  Java for CSE links



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