Tuesday Invited Talks

AM Session: Spin-Gap Phenomena in Low Dimensional Antiferromagnets

9:00 Khomskii: Different Routes to Spin Gaps in Low Dimensional Magnets
9:40 H. Kodama: Studies on Quasi-Two-Dimensional Spin-Gap Systems CaV4O9 and SrCu2(BO3)2
10:30 V. Kotov: Collective Low Energy Excitations and Spontaneous Order in the J1-J2 Model

10:40 Break

11:10 D. Reich: Strongly Dimerized Low Dimensional Antiferromagnets
11:50 Poilblanc: Soliton Bound States in Pure and Doped Spin-Peierls Systems

12:30-2:00 Lunch

PM Session: Spin Chains and Ladders

2:00 J. Solyom: Critical and Massive Phases in Spin Chains and Ladders
2:40 A. Sandvik: Multi-chain Mean-Field Theory and QMC Simulations of the Quasi-1D Heisenberg Model
3:20 D. Cabra: Magnetization Plateaux in Quasi-1D Strongly Correlated Electron Systems

3:40 Break

4:10 G. Sierra: Recurrence Variational Approach to Ladders
4:50 D. Johnston: Magnetic Susceptibility of Spin 1/2 Antiferromagnetic Heisenberg Chains and Ladders

Special Event

5:30 Snacks, ITP Front Patio
6:00 Buffet Dinner