Thursday Invited Talks

AM Session: Novel Magnetic Materials

9:00 B. Keimer: Magnetism in some Titanates and Manganates
9:40 M. Greven: Heisenberg Antiferromagnet: Crystal Growth, Neutron Scattering, and Monte Carlo
10:20 S. Mazumdar: Coexisting CDW & SDW: Implications for Superconductivity in Organic Charge Transfer Salts

10:40 Refreshment Break

11:10 H. Eschrig: Exchange Coupling in Spin Ladder Compounds
11:50 P. Lemmens: Magnetic Light Scattering in Low Dimensional Quantum Spin Systems

12:30-2:00 Lunch

PM Session: Ferromagnetic Metals and Half-Metallic Systems

2:00 I. Mertig: Theory of GMR in Magnetic Nanostructures
2:40 R. Noack: Itinerant Ferromagnetism in Quasi-one-dimensional Systems
3:20 K. Balagoev: Instabilities in Weak Ferromagnetic Metals

3:40 Refreshment Break

4:10 J. H. Park: Spectroscopic Studies of Half-Metallic Systems
4:40 D. Singh: Interplay of Magnetic and Lattice Degrees of Freedom in Hybridized Oxides: Manganites & Ruthenates