Monday Invited Talks

AM Session: Quantum Phases and Critical Phenomena

9:00 D. Gross: Welcome to the ITP
9:10 D. Scalapino: Welcome to the Conference
9:20 S. Sachdev: Towards a global phase diagram of doped antiferromagnets
10:05 O. Starykh: Logarithmic Corrections to Quantum-Critical Scaling in the S=1/2 Heisenberg Chain
10:40 Refreshment Break

11:00 G. Aeppli: Does More that the Obvious Happen Near the Critical Points?
11:50 T. Imai: Cu NQR stuides of ladders and Stripes

PM Session: The Many Facets of Frustrated Magnetism

2:00 A. Ramirez: Geometrical Frustration: Spin Liquid, Spin Ice and Soft Modes
2:40 C. L'Huillier: RVB States and Spin Liquids in 2D
3:20 R. Moessner: Frustrated Ising Magnets in a Transverse Field

3:40 Refreshment Break

4:10 A. Chubukov: Order From Disorder Phenomenon in the Double Exchange Model
4:40 F. Mila: Low Energy Singlets in Frustrated Magnets and Related Systems