Friday Invited Talks

AM Session: Double Exchange and CMR

9:00 S.-W. Cheong: Two Phase Coexistence, Transport Properties, and Effective Medium Theories of Manganites
9:45 N. Furukawa: Double Exchange in Manganites

10:30 Break

11:00 S. Maekawa: Orbital Ordering and Flux States in Double Exchange Systems
11:45 Y. Lyanda-Geller: Hall Effect and Quantal Phases in Manganites: Theory and Experiment

12:30-2:00 Lunch

PM Session: Spin Coherence, Spin Electronics and Quantum Tunelling

2:00 D. Awschalom: Spin Coherence and Memory in Semiconductors
2:45 M. Johnson: Spin Electronics

3:30 Break

4:00 J. Friedman: Resonant Magnetization Tunneling in Molecular Magnets: A Review
4:45 S. Barnes: Quantum Coherence and Tunneling in Nanomagnets