PHYSICS 295--Winter 2009

Introduction to Department Research
Tuesdays, 2:10 to 4:00 p.m., Room 416 Physics/Geology
CRN xxxxx

Instructor: Professor Warren Pickett, Department of Physics, 215 Physics/Geology





Boldface indicates confirmation.

Jan. 6      Fadley, Yu, Zieve, Curro (Condensed matter experiment)
Jan. 13    Lubin, Becker, Fassnacht (Observational cosmology, experimental astrophysics)
Jan. 20    Svoboda, Chertok, Pellett (High energy experiment)
Jan. 27   Gunion, Luty, Cheng, Terning (High energy theory)
Feb. 3    Wittman, Tyson, Albrecht, Knox (Cosmology experiment & theory)
Feb. 10   Liu, Radousky, Savrasov, Zimanyi (Condensed Matter)
Feb. 17   Scalettar, Fong, Pickett (Condensed matter theory)
Feb. 24   Richter, Kiskis (3:30) (AST experiment, Q gravity, COS theory, particle theory)
Mar. 3   Kaloper, Carlip, Rundle, Crutchfield (3:30) (Cosmology, Q gravity, physics of complexity)
Mar. 10   Calderon, Cebra, Conway, Erbacher (Nuclear experiment, particle experiment)

To schedule: Richter (after 2/7), Ferenc, Webb, Cox, Singh, Kaloper (March), Carlip (not 1/13, 2/24).

Not presenting: Corruccini, Tripathi, Zhu, Chiang, Boeshaar, Coleman.

Yet to confirm: Pines, Vogt, McElfresh.