ES09: 2009 Recent Developments in Electronic Structure

21th Annual Workshop on
Recent Developments in Electronic Structure Methods
to be held on the campus of the
University of California Davis campus, June23-25, 2009
Reception: evening of June 22

The URL for all information now, including registration and accommodations, is

URL for previous ES08:

This workshop series brings together participants in electronic structure theory from around the world, in particular from the U.S. The presentations describe new methods for computing previously inaccessible properties, break throughs in computational efficiency and accuracy, and novel applications of these approaches to the study of molecules, liquids, and molecules.
The program will consist of invited oral presentations and contributed posters describing recent developments in the topics mentioned above. The web page for ES08 (URL given above) provides a good idea of the type and variety of program and of the organization of the workshop.

Local Organizing Committee

Warren Pickett, Chair (Physics)
Mark Asta (Chemical Engineering & Materials Science)
Ching Fong (Physics)
Giulia Galli (Chemistry)
Francois Gygi (Applied Science)
Sergej Savrasov (Physics)
Richard Scalettar (Physics)

Program Committee (under construction)

ESxx Workshop Series Steering Committee

S. Baroni (SISSA), J. Bernholc (NCState), R. Car (Princeton), D. Ceperley (UIUC), J. Chelikowsky (UTA), M. Y. Chou (GaTech), J. Gubernatis (LANL), D. D. Johnson (UIUC), S. G. Louie (UCB), R. M. Martin (UIUC), A. Rappe (UPenn), C. Umrigar (Cornell), D. Vanderbilt (Rutgers), J. W. Wilkins (Ohio State)

Partial Information, to be completed.
Air Travel :

Davis is no more than 20 miles from Sacramento Intl Airport (SMF), served by two shuttle services. Davis is 90 miles from San Francisco International (SFO), a 1.5+ hour trip, 80 miles from Oakland International Airport (OAK), a 1.25+ hour trip (both certainly more at rush hours).

There are direct flights to SMF from (incomplete list)
St Louis

On campus room & board: around $75/night