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Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior (NPB)

The NPB Academic Plan notes that computational neuroscience is developing into a key component of contemporary neurobiology because it successfully integrates cellular, systems, and cognitive levels of analysis. The plan notes that the Institute for Theoretical Dynamics (ITD) makes UC Davis a particularly attractive place for active computational researchers, with NPB maintaining a long-term commitment to this field. The Section offers advanced courses in computational neurobiology at the undergraduate and graduate levels, and is proposing recruitment of a computational neurobiologist whose research focuses on the analysis of the dynamics of neural circuits and systems. The Section will recruit for a person with a primary focus on the theoretical and analytical aspects of neurobiology, with preference to candidates with a practical interest in experimental work. Close links for this recruit include various colleagues at ITD and Bruno Olshausen (Psychology) at the Center for Neuroscience. Several other NPB faculty have strong interests in modeling and would also form synergistic interactions with this researcher.