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Fermi surface; Nesting function

Superconductivity and lattice instability in compressed lithium from Fermi surface hot spots

"The modern age has a false sense of security because of the great mass of data at its disposal. But the valid issue is the extent to which people know how to form and master the material at their disposal." Goethe, 1832.
1999 ITP Novel Magnetism Program

Condensed Matter Physics Data

Enatom: the Irreducible Chunk of a Solid

Images of the deformation part B(r) of the enatom (sometimes referred to as the pseudoatom) of fcc lithium in the pressure range where it is superconducting around 15 K. Left panels: isosurface plots of the magnitude (with direction indicated) of B(r) itself (above) and of curl B(r) (below). On the right side are shown contour plots of a cut through the x-y plane. For more information see the published paper and supplementary material .

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